Simultaneous Spontaneity

1 Viridian Moon
2 Walk up to the Dune
3 Low Gravity
4 Reboot
5 Sphere Fluid
6 Sphere Fluid 2
7 Opalescence
8 Hydroscopic Ray
9 At the End of the Struggle
Pulse Convention
Hiroshi Nakamura
Piano and Fender Rhodes
Wataru Iwata
Noboru Ando
Hiroto Uezi
All the songs performed and realized by Pulse Convention
Edit by Wataru Iwata
Mastering by Pierre Vervloesem 
Cover art by A.L. / Akira Saito
Photo by Kenichi Iwai
For more details:
【Release Note】
「Simultaneous Spontaneity」を訳すとすると、『同時に存在する自然発生的なもの』とでもいうことになるでしょうか。つまり“即興性”をもって廻った言い回しにしたものです。
[Release Note] If we interpret "Simultaneous Spontaneity", would it be a "naturally occurring thing that exists at the same time"? In other words, it was a phrase that went around with "improvisation".
We are not only trying to mention improvisation in art / musical expression but in our daily life, to be exaggerated, from the operation of the planet that occurs in the moment we exist, the activity of microorganisms, quantum It refers to “everything that occurs” through the endless interaction and behavior of “everything”.
Another analogy could be seen in the coral reefs produced by the coral insect, the anthills, the winding streets of the downtown and the overlap of houses, and the city lights at night seen from space. You can also learn from the word “unconditioned spontaneity” in the ancient philosophy of Lao‐tse and Chuang‐tse.
When Proudhon says "anarchy is the highest order", it does not assume the individual that exists in the orderly thing after all, but it is the infiniteness between the existing things that occur at the moment. I understand that the trajectory of accepting, transforming, responding, transmitting, and constantly moving in the interaction is called “the highest order”. And as it happens, it keeps ticking the trajectory.

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