Think With No Words

By reading 6 types of brain waves (low alpha wave, high alpha wave, low beta wave, high beta wave, low gamma wave, high gamma wave) and additionally, meditation and attention parameters, we use these data in sound sets to begin generative composition. Simultaneously, each type of brainwave data is also used to change visuals, network graphs and live coding in real time.

Music is continuously generating while their generated music and visuals are feeding back to players like Infinity Mirror.
“INTRISIC” is an Brainwave music unit consisting of composer Wataru Iwata, sound programmer Akimasa Yamada, and programmer Hironobu Nakamura, which formed after exhibiting an interactive installation “NO-ON”( at at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo in 2018.
In 2019, They have performed at the “Rock Wall Music Festival” held at a huge stone quarry in Yamagata Prefecture and Zu-Bar in Tokyo. Also, they collaborated with Matsubayashi Hosai XVI, (head of Asahi-yaki Tea pottery), and Konel. INC for a collaborative event called “Tea Room with No Words” in Uji City, Kyoto, based on the motif of Chanoyu (Japanese tea ceremony). The music from the sound set used at this time is included in the first album “Think With No Words” released from Detroit Underground in September 2020.

Wataru Iwata (Brainwave Music System and Brainwave)
Akimasa Yamada (Brainwave Music System and Brainwave)
Hironobu Nakamura (Generative Graphics and Brainwave)
Special Thanks to:
Matsubayashi Hosai XVI
Media Stream                        

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